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Stimulation of agricultural innovation implementation in Azerbaijan

13323 ­ F. Fikratzade, V. Babayeva, A. Hasanzada 42. December 2022 • UOT: 338.43, 631.15, 631.17

The article focuses on the importance and key aspects of agricultural innovation in contemporary times, as well as the establishment of agricultural innovation systems, and explores measures to foster the implementation of innovations. Modern approaches to stimulating innovation are analyzed. The impact of modern practices that ...

Directions for the development of the sunflower sector along the value chain

14809 ­ G. Bashirova 40. August 2022 • UOT: 338.435, 338.439, 633/664

The sunflower sector provides the country with vegetable oil and animal feed, which is important for meeting food needs. At the moment, due to the war between the two countries, which are the main suppliers of sunflower products to the world market, there are difficulties in supplying the market with this product. Effective ...

Mechanisms for sustainable use of agricultural land

15096 ­ H. Khalilov 40. August 2022 • UOT: 338.433, 339.5

Ensuring the sustainable use of agricultural land is associated with the formation of adequate mechanisms in this area. In the article, the noted mechanisms are considered in the general context of global approaches to solving the problem of sustainable use of agricultural land. The main attention is paid to the improvement of ...

State regulation of dairy cattle breeding

21322 ­ E. Latifova 37. September 2021 • UOT: 338.43, 636/637:338.23

AbstractThe main objective of the livestock is breeding of high productive farm animals, improving existing and creation of new and more productive breeds. In this case, bred animals, along with productive qualities, must also have high adaptation characteristics for industrial rearing. They also have to meet the requirements of fully ...

The monitoring and evaluation of food and agricultural policies in Azerbaijan Republic based on MAFAP methodology

20539 ­ P. Aliyev 36. April 2021 • UOT: 338.23, 338.43

The article describes the calculation of the Nominal Protection Ratio (NRP), a key indicator of the MAFAP methodology developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and the interpretation of the results obtained in terms of trade policy assessment NRP is the degree to which the domestic market, trade ...

Sustainable intensification in agriculture: opportunities in post-transformation re-intensification conditions

22345 ­ H. Khalilov, F. Fikratzade 33. July 2020

Abstract In modern conditions, sustainable intensification is becoming a factor that combines dynamic productivity growth in agriculture with compliance with environmental requirements and increased adaptation to climate change. The article examines the possibilities of sustainable intensification of agriculture in the Republic of ...