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Agricultural economics 35 (01-2021)


Articles in this issue

Assessing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on agricultural export

07 Mart 2022 ­ 13572 R. Huseynov, R. Huseyn • UOT: 339.5, 339.54

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Azerbaijan's non-oil exports decreased by 5.3 percent in 2020 compared to 2019, but surprisingly agricultural exports remained stable. The analysis revealed that the agricultural sector was resilient during the crisis caused by the pandemic, and there was a slight increase in export ...

Factors increasing economic efficiency in the canning industry

05 Mart 2022 ­ 14287 V. Abbasov, E. Shukurova • UOT: 338.43, 664 : 338.514

The article analyzes the development of integration relations between the canning industry and agriculture, factors of the effective use of raw materials and resources in the industry, as well as the dynamics of production of the main types of products. Taking into account the seasonal nature of growing fruits, vegetables, ...

Comprehensive marketing research and development strategy of the livestock market

05 Mart 2022 ­ 14148 I. Kheyirkhabarov • UOT: 338.43, 636/637:339.138

The article conducts a marketing study of the livestock market. The market opportunities opened for enterprises and farms offering products to the livestock products segment of the food market have been identified and the use of these opportunities has been identified as a marketing problem. Scientifically substantiated ...

Experience in creating an Integrated Management System of the Office of the Ministry of Agriculture on the basis of standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015

05 Mart 2022 ­ 13545 G. Sharifov • 332.24; 35.078.3; 631.1

Intensification of international competition, limited resources, climate change and other challenges to sustainable development of agricultural production, along with the expansion of the use of resource-saving technologies, requires the transformation of traditional agricultural management systems into effective ...

Methodological issues of agrobusiness environment evaluation

05 Mart 2022 ­ 13946 S. Jafarov • UOT: 338.23, 338.43

One of the important conditions for the dynamic development of agricultural production is the creation of favorable conditions for business in this area. The article describes the structure of the business environment and its features in the agricultural sector. The main focus is on the analysis of different approaches to the ...