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Agricultural economics 37 (09-2021)


Articles in this issue

Prospects for the development of self-employment in the agricultural sector

24 Oktyabr 2021 ­ 6306 A. Guliyev • UOT: 331.5.024.5, 331.526, 338.43

AbstractDetermining the prospects for the development of self-employment in the agricultural sector involves the characterization of many different factors. The presented article examines the issues of assessing self-employment opportunities from the point of view of supporting positive trends in the structure of employment ...

Factors of formation of competitive agro-processing industry

23 Oktyabr 2021 ­ 6586 Z. Guliyev • UOT: 338.43, 338.45, 663, 664

AbstractAt the present time it is necessary to use levers that can increase the competitiveness of the country's economy in order to counteract the negative consequences of unfavorable trends in the world economy with minimal damage. The article discusses the formation of a competitive agroprocessing industry. It is noted that ...

Priorities for the integration and development of agriculture and food industry in Azerbaijan

22 Oktyabr 2021 ­ 6655 I. Ibrahimov • UOT: 334.75. 338.43, 664

AbstractThe article analyzes the impact of increasing agricultural production on the development of the food industry in Azerbaijan. Integration of agriculture with the food industry and balanced development of sectors are considered necessary. After the restoration of Azerbaijan's independence, special attention will be paid ...

Directions of development of the grain market of Azerbaijan

21 Oktyabr 2021 ­ 6832 J. Allahverdiyeva • UOT: 339.13, 338.43

AbstractIndicators of the sustainability of the development of grain farming in the modern era also reflect the degree of reliability and efficiency of economic activities in agriculture. At the same time there is a need for a comprehensive analysis of all factors that directly or indirectly affect the indicators of the grain ...

Potential of import substitution and export expansion Agricultural production in Azerbaijan

20 Oktyabr 2021 ­ 6933 N. Aliyeva • УДК: 338.43, 339.5

AbstractAt the present stage, the development of agro-industrial production in Azerbaijan is aimed both at meeting domestic needs and at expanding exports. Today, our country is actively promoting the national brand Made in Azerbaijan in foreign markets, expanding the geography of export. The introduction of export incentives ...

Development directions of cooperative relations in agriculture

19 Oktyabr 2021 ­ 6636 A. Huseynova • UOT: 334.73, 631.115.08

AbstractThe article considers the development of cooperative relations in agriculture in modern conditions. The advantages of merging producers in cooperatives in the agricultural sector, are explained. Progress in the formation of the legislative framework for the development of agricultural cooperation in Azerbaijan is ...